Beach Resort develops high end spa in Crete to attract wellness tourists

Crete, Greece is becoming an increasingly more popular destnation for wellness and spa tourism.

While the Greek island of Crete is known to most of the world as a renowned vacation island from the 1960s and the flower generation, or as the place where the Greek Zorba was filmed with Antony Queen dancing in front of the Cretan sea, modern trends seem to have added a fresh approach to Cretan vacations.

Porto Platanias Beach Resort, one of the few 5-star resorts and the greatest hotel investment in the Chania region, proves that Crete is also the appropriate destination for high end tourists who are also wellness tourists. With its vast facilities consisting of various types of deluxe rooms including luxury maisonettes and private suites with bars, multi ethnic restaurants, internal and external pools and a wonderful beach lying in front of the resort makes it a unique luxurious experience for guests.

In addition, the management has invested in one of the most integrated spa facilities on the island of Crete, the Sparkling Spa. Following consultations with successful spas in Germany, the Sparkling Spa combines signature treatments (divine bath, deep relaxing massage, sparkling mom and other), with water treatments, facial treatments and energizing treatments along with massages and other Sparkling Spa treatments.

“We have managed to develop a high standard hotel and Spa unit in the region of Chania, Crete and therefore attract a different type of high end International tourist, looking for integrated vacation services, to our region” Mr. Kapakis, president of the resort says.

Chania region has become easily accessible during the last few years due to the frequent International direct flights to the Chania airport in Crete.