Brazil reopens air borders with US, but risks remain

Brazil has reopened its air borders faster than other countries in the region that have suffered less severe COVID-19 outbreaks, such as Colombia, Argentina, Panama and Peru. These remain closed to international commercial flights.

While most countries reopening require COVID-19 tests, screening and more, Brazil has few restrictions on arriving travellers.

Americans can freely go to Brazil for cosmetic surgery and medical treatment, but with US borders still closed to Brazil, they may not be able to return home.

Brazil is only asking visitors to have valid travel insurance that covers COVID-19.

In a complete surprise move, Brazil’s government made the decision to lift the current travel ban that has been in place since March. The government lifted all restrictions on foreigners arriving by air, but not yet by land or sea.

Arrivals should expect temperature checks, as Brazil has recently been testing new temperature screening systems. But unlike many other countries, the government has not announced mandatory testing or quarantines for tourists visiting Brazil.

The number of medical tourists is expected to be low, as rising prices, crime and political tensions have driven away many medical tourists over recent years. Brazil was one of the first cosmetic surgery destinations, particularly for Americans, but numbers have fallen significantly in the last decade.