Call to develop dental tourism across the Caribbean

Dental practitioners in the Caribbean have called on governments to help them exploit dental tourism opportunities, through changes to the health care structure and continued education.

Dental practitioners in the Caribbean have been encouraged to fully explore the dental tourism market as they seek to grow their practices.

The Caribbean Dental Programme (CDP) Convention in Barbados want governments to help dentists exploit dental tourism opportunities by changes to the health care structure. A key is the continued education of dental practitioners.

CDP argues that with skilled regional dentists comparable to any developed country and technological resources at affordable costs, the Caribbean, with its sun, sea and sand, provides an opportunity to sell a unique dental tourism product in the best vacation spots.

Politician and dentists are seeking to improve and maintain a high standard of professionalism in the practice of dentistry in Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean. However, words of government support from politicians are often failed to be backed by any planned action, cash or proposals.