Cayman five-phase tourism return

The Cayman Islands plan to reopen fully in January 2022 with a five-phase plan. There are no exclusions from the rules for medical travellers in any phase. For inbound medical tourism, this means vaccinated patients can return in October but unvaccinated ones will have to wait until late January 2022.

The Cayman Island Department of Tourism has a new plan that could see inbound restrictions starting to ease this August, though a full reopening is not expected to happen until 2022.

The phases comprise:

  • Phase 1 – from June 2021: fully vaccinated and securely verified travellers can go to the Cayman Islands with a mandatory five-day quarantine. Unvaccinated travellers are subject to a 14-day quarantine.
  • Phase 2 – August 9: some travel restrictions will be removed, including the removal of GPS monitoring. All inbound tourists will still have to apply for entry via the Travel Cayman Portal.
  • Phase 3 – September 9: as long as the Cayman Islands hits its 80% on-island vaccination status, a limited number of vaccinated tourists will be again welcomed in. All inbound travellers will have to apply via the destination portal.
  • Phase 4 – October 14: quarantine requirements will be removed for all fully vaccinated tourists, while unvaccinated tourists will still need to undergo a 14-day quarantine. All will still need to be verified via the Travel Cayman Portal.
  • Phase 5 – November 18: unvaccinated children will again be welcomed in without quarantine, as long as they are travelling with an adult, vaccinated traveller.

Once the country has completed all five phases and following an assessment from the Government and health officials, the tourism department has said there will be a Grand Re-Opening celebration, welcoming all travellers without quarantine or travel restrictions.