Cebu promotes health and wellness tourism

The Department of Tourism is pushing forward with efforts to put Cebu in the global map as a top health and wellness destination.

The agency has partnered with the regional offices of the Department of Health, Department of Trade and Industry and the private sector including Cebu’s hospitals, clinics, dental associations, hotels, and spas to achieve this goal.

The aim is to put Cebu on the map of leading medical tourism destinations locally and internationally, offering a wide array of healthcare services for all- by promoting the overall environment, tourism attractiveness, low healthcare cost, and quality of medical facilities and services.

Most local medical tourists seek health check-ups, minimally invasive surgery, orthopaedics, eye surgery, cosmetic surgery and dental services.

The target markets are USA, Canada, Australia, and the Middle East.  Other campaigns have failed and so far there seems nothing different that will attract numbers of medical targets.

Century Properties Group has opened Centuria Medical Makati, the country’s largest outpatient information-technology-medical building in Century City, Makati. Each floor is designed with a lounge for patients.

The 28-storey facility aims to introduce game-changing methods in preventive health and outpatient care, the delivery of wellness services, as well as open greater opportunities for medical tourism in the Philippines.

Hotel-style suites are available for patients who wish to spend extra time to recover from their medical procedures. All rooms are private and fully furnished to create a healing environment for patients. Aftercare services include around-the-clock assistance, and meals.

Centuria Medical Makati offers primary care, multi-specialty surgery, dermatology and cosmetic laser treatment, multi-specialty dentistry, cosmetic and facial surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, laser eye surgery, dental surgery, urology, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, orthopaedics, dialysis, podiatry, cancer treatment and wellness, and complementary medicine.

Centuria aims to tap a market of Filipino expatriates and foreign nationals from Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Centuria Medical Makati will implement a patient queuing system, as well as put in place medical concierge services that can assist with travel and accommodation bookings.