China medical travel: Hainan healthcare success

Panoramic view of Sanya city and bay from Luhuitou Park.

Lecheng International Medical Tourism Zone in the east of China’s Island of Hainan has expanded the coverage of its drug insurance system in 2021 and added a number of highly sought-after Chinese and foreign pharmaceuticals to the list of reimbursable drugs. 

The list of drugs covered by insurance includes 100 types of special medical products, 75% of which are produced by foreign pharmaceutical companies. Both citizens of China and citizens of other countries living in China have the right to use these services.

This means that residents of China, without going abroad and purchasing travel insurance, can use this opportunity to gain access to new medicines.

The move is part of the Lecheng International Medical Tourism Zone’s plans to constantly improve the quality of services designed for foreigners.

In 2019, the Zone received 75,000 medical tourists, almost all from mainland China. The total reported income from the main activities of hospitals, sanatoriums and other institutions located on its territory was US$96 million.