Compulsory health insurance for all tourists to Oman

A compulsory health insurance scheme will apply to tourists and medical tourists to Oman in 2020.

The system aims to provide affordable health insurance to private sector employees and domestic workers, as well as all visitors to Oman.

The Capital Market Authority (CMA) has issued the regulations for the compulsory health insurance scheme (Dhamani) due to be rolled out in the Sultanate. The regulations, Decision 78/2019, enshrines the guidelines for mandatory health insurance in Oman.

hamani is for employees of the private sector, residents and visitors to Oman.

The rules are key to preparations for the legislative infrastructure and legal framework of Dhamani. The rules regulate health insurance in Oman by specifying the obligations of the parties in the insurance relationship i.e. insurer, third party administrator, health services provider, the worker and employer.

The health insurance regulations cover: general provisions governing health insurance market; licensing requirements to carry out the business; obligations of stakeholders; and dispute resolution.

Under the compulsory health insurance scheme, insurance companies are mandated to provide specific minimum health insurance cover, although exactly what that will be is not yet agreed.

Insurance companies licensed to carry out the business, health service providers, third party administrators and others will be obliged to implement an electronic link via the Dhamani Platform. The purpose of this electronic platform is to digitalise the private healthcare system and health insurance services in Oman, as well as enhance the monitoring of the overall system in Oman.

The CMA is aiming for a mid-2020 timeframe to launch the e-healthcare system.

On top of basic health insurance, insurance companies will be able to compete by offering different health insurance schemes that improve on the basic mandate at different prices.