Corporate insurance for Nigerians covers treatment abroad

Nigerian life insurer FBN Insurance has partnered with broker and assistance provider Collinson to launch SmartHealth International Insurance Plan, a corporate international health insurance product for critical medical conditions. It covers treatment abroad in South Africa, other African countries, India and the UK, should a critical medical condition not be adequately treated in Nigeria.

Addressing the health insurance gap in the Nigerian market between domestic and international health insurance products, SmartHealth International is aimed at Nigerian employers for employees and their families.

It complements local healthcare cover by providing cover for treatment abroad should an employee or family member develop a critical medical condition that cannot be adequately treated in Nigeria.

It includes specific critical complex medical events such as cancer and those requiring renal, orthopaedic and neurosurgery, as well as other complex surgery and serious trauma injuries sustained in road traffic accidents. These are the medical conditions for which Nigerians leave the country to seek medical care abroad.

Each case will be individually case managed and assessed, working closely with attending doctors in conjunction with Collinson’s international medical team. Depending on the level of cover purchased, eligible policyholders will be flown to another country. The annual limit is US$150,000 on Level One and US$ 200,000 on Level Two.

Treatment is offered in South Africa, all other African countries except Nigeria, plus India on the Level One plan while Level Two adds the option of UK treatment. UK treatment is in Circle/BMI Healthcare hospitals.

The policy will pay for evacuation to the nearest appropriate medical facility within the geographical area of the policy. It will provide eligible medical treatment as an in-patient or day-care patient and for up to three scheduled flights for the patient and a medical escort.