Costa Rica wellness tourism focus

A beach in Corcovado national park, Costa Rica

Costa Rica plans to expand from medical tourism into wellness tourism.

Costa Rica is visited by millions of tourists each year.

Already known as a medical destination, the country wants to expand into wellness tourism based on offering an experience in which visitors are able to achieve, maintain or strengthen personal well-being. This type of activity promotes mental, physical and emotional balance, through the use of complementary therapies, techniques and other holistic services.

Costa Rica sees a strong fit between the wellness sector and its harmony with the environment and the opportunity for local development, to enhance sustainable development.

As part of Global Wellness Day, the Wellness Association of Costa Rica encouraged businesses to focus on the future, including hotel offers focused on wellness, beauty and personal care products, design of experiences and spaces for wellness, conscious and healthy lifestyles, happiness as the path to wellness, forest therapy and experiences with training in the forest and wellness tourism trips.