Croatian digital platform for medical tourism

The new Croatian ZagrebMed digital platform to promote medical and health tourism will launch this October. Designed to promote the City of Zagreb it will bring together about 20 leading health institutions from various fields of medicine. The plan is to promote Croatian medical tourism in general but more particularly to concentrate on Zagreb.

Already signed up to the platform are:

  • Agram
  • Akromion
  • Aksis
  • Avitum
  • Bagatin
  • IVF Zagreb
  • Klinika Svjetlost
  • LF Medical
  • Magdalena
  • Naftalan
  • Poliderma
  • Sinteza

Croatia is getting a large number of patients from Italy, mainly for dental tourism offer, but fears that it is losing out to competitors in Albania, Hungary and Serbia.

Large sums of money from Croatia’s Recovery and Resilience Plan are set to flow into the country’s medical and wellness tourism offer, which is a sector that has enormous potential for growth.

Financing projects in the Croatian tourism sector through the National Programme for Recovery and Resilience in the Public Sector, for which Croatia will have US$132 million at its disposal, will support larger projects in a high stage of readiness, and most of the money will go to spa, wellness and other health-oriented tourism projects.

The projects are divided into three groups. The first and most generous is the development of health and wellness tourism, and this includes the construction, reconstruction, renovation and/or equipping of infrastructure, whether it be in regard to accommodation facilities or other facilities.

For all projects, the amount of co-financing is 100% of the eligible costs for projects that don’t contain state aid, while for investments in projects that do already contain state aid, the amount is regulated in accordance with the rules for granting state aid

Bjelovar is expecting the money for its thermal spa complex with Olympic, outdoor and indoor pools and a water park, relying on sustainable energy and geothermal sources.