Delivering healthcare for 200m middle class Chinese

For the 200 million people in the emerging Chinese middle class there is a pressing need for higher quality and more personalised medical and health services. IMTJ analyses the new private doctor service from Ping An Healthcare that may reduce patients travelling to find medical resources.

Chinese patients face a number of healthcare service problems including a lack of healthcare knowledge, repeated check-ups without an accurate diagnosis and long waiting times at hospitals. This has prompted those with resources, to travel further to find treatment.

Ping An Healthcare has recently launched a private doctor service in the Ping An Good Doctor App.

The one-stop platform offers comprehensive, high quality medical and healthcare services, including health management, real-time medical consultations, second opinions by experienced doctors and offline medical consultations for more than 200 million people in the emerging Chinese middle class.

Ping An Good Doctor has a medical network in China and globally. The private doctor service seeks to transform the traditional practice of medical consultation that involved patients travelling to find medical resources. It enables users to find quality medical and healthcare resources at their fingertips, by employing innovative mobile medical technology that customises medical services.

The system operates 24/7 to satisfy holistic medical and healthcare demands, such as real-time medical consultations and offline appointments for outpatient services at hospitals.

Through developing an electronic health profile, customising a physical check-up plan, compiling medical reports, tracing abnormal health indicators and managing weight for users, the private doctor service will be able to monitor users’ health, thus preventing possible diseases.

For the elderly who have difficulty seeking medical services, Ping An Good Doctor’s Private Doctor has a Comfort x 5 service to help them make appointments, escort them to medical consultations, settle fees, undergo examinations and collect medicine with the help of trained professionals.

Ping An Good Doctor’s Private Doctor platform enables easy access to interactions between doctors and users to help doctors monitor people’s health. It is also easier for users to obtain more accurate medical and healthcare services.

The Private Doctor platform partners with insurance agents, banks, consumption and health sectors to integrate resources for the provision of diversified healthcare services.