Qatar is known more for outbound medical tourism than being a destination, but a Doha hospital seeks to change that.

Sidra Medicine has treated its first international patient at the new heart centre, ushering in an era of reverse medical tourism for the institution. Sidra Medicine is creating a regional centre of excellence in children’s and adult congenital health.

The first patient was flown to Qatar from Kuwait for an emergency operation to correct a heart defect.

The successful operation opens up possibilities for regional patients in need of specialist expertise who can now access care closer to home.

Sidra Medicine provides healthcare to women, children, and young people from Qatar and around the world. Established by Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, it provides comprehensive specialist healthcare services for children and young people, as well as maternity and gynaecology care for women. Children’s specialist services include cardiology, neurology, urology and cosmetic surgery. It is also currently the only specialist centre in the country that treats and cares for pregnant women with foetal complications.

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