Dubai aims for US$700m from the medical tourism industry by 2020

According to Gulf Today, Dubai is expecting to earn around €630 million (US$706m) from medical tourism by 2020, with a growth rate of 13% each year. No source for this data was given.

The article states that the boom in health tourism was a driving factor for the UK’s Kings College Hospital when choosing where to locate their first international establishment.

Christian Schuhmacher, CEO, Kings College Hospital, London, Dubai is quoted saying, “Medical tourism is very important for us. Dubai is an excellent destination, as we know we see tourism growing year on year. We see other markets being explored from the Dubai side so clearly Dubai is a very attractive place also for people who seek medical treatment and we’re at the forefront of that together with Dubai health authority.”

Kings College Hospital Dubai have this year opened their doors to patients and have built their service offerings around the needs of those travelling for treatment, and returning home to recover.

Schuhmacher added, “Once you’re home we have what is called the patient portal so through any advice, be that your laptop, be that your mobile phone that we all are carrying around all the time, you can always access your patient records, your patient file, your images, your medication, and whatnot. Obviously, it’s also very helpful if you’re traveling or if you maybe even move to another country you always have the master of your own data basically.”

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