Dubai explores new markets in Africa

Six months on from reopening its borders to all international medical travellers, Dubai has launched two new initiatives to promote its medical travel sector: targeting African patients, and promoting a free second opinion service.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA), represented by the Health Tourism Department, is currently exploring new opportunities in the African market for Dubai’s health and medical tourism programmes. It states that many Africans are looking forward to travelling to Dubai for wellness or medical reasons, and are keen to resume their travel plans to seek treatment or consultation in various specialisations such as orthopaedic, dental aesthetics and ophthalmology.

Another new initiative in Dubai is to promote second medical opinion services. International patients can get a free second medical opinion or diagnosis from doctors in Dubai. The online service is available across seven specialities, including gynaecology, cardiology, orthopaedics, IVF and fertility treatments, neurology, oncology, and urology. DXH Group members provide the second medical opinion. The second opinions are provided within a turnaround time of two working days once the complete reports, including the existing medical reports and diagnosis, are provided. This free service is a way to market Dubai to potential medical tourists.

The DHA continues to receive applications for professional licences and investment in the health sector in Dubai. Health regulators have received 6,681 new requests for a DHA healthcare professional licence in 2020. This brings the number in Dubai to 39,000.