Dubai launches medical tourism course

Dubai offers training to help professionals learn about medical tourism as part of ongoing efforts by the government to support the sector.

The Dubai College of Tourism has launched an online training programme on health and medical tourism. The course aims to simplify the understanding of health tourism, as well the city’s diverse offerings. The course is available via the online training platform Dubai Way.

The ‘Introduction to Health Tourism’ course offers practical guidance via interactive videos, activities and assessments to help professionals learn about medical tourism.

In another example of Dubai’s continued commitment to the sector, the Health Tourism Department of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and members of Dubai Health Experience (DXH) recently met to discuss initiatives to enhance the Emirate’s position as a medical tourism destination.

The dedicated medical travel website managed by DXH received more than 30,000 unique users on a quarterly basis in 2020, with searches for key specialities such as dental, cosmetic ophthalmology and fertility treatments. The portal provides comprehensive information about health tourism services, member offerings and details needed when planning a medical tourism journey to Dubai.

DHA says that medical tourism demographics show that 37% are from Asian countries, 28% from Arab and Gulf countries, 17% from Europe, 10% from the Americas, and 10 % from other parts of the world. But the figures include expatriates resident in Dubai, the UAE or wider Gulf region, so many are not direct medical tourists.