Dubai open to all vaccinated travellers

The UAE is now allowing in fully vaccinated tourists and medical tourists from all nations including countries previously banned, although Abu Dhabi is still banning some countries.

UAE residents and citizens, including those from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, can now travel abroad for medical treatment. Travel permission will be granted for those receiving medical treatment. Those over 70 or people suffering with chronic diseases are still advised not to travel, except if they are travelling to receive urgent medical treatment abroad.

Inbound travellers and returning residents must have a negative PCR test at the airport.

Only unvaccinated travellers and returning residents must quarantine for between 7 and 14 days. Should the individual not be able to fulfil the conditions for a home quarantine, they must quarantine at designated hotels at their own expense or stay in the designated health institutions.

There are different rules and confusing differences by country and by each UAE state.  While in Dubai there is no need for quarantine, which is good news for the city’s medical tourism, Abu Dhabi has issued an updated ‘Green List’ for travel to the city, expanding it to cover 33 countries.

From September 5, Abu Dhabi will welcome fully vaccinated tourists from around the world. Unvaccinated visitors from green list countries will also be welcomed with no quarantine measures. They will be required to show a negative PCR test taken a maximum of 48 hours before departure, and take a PCR test on arrival. They will also need to take a PCR test on day six and another PCR test on day nine.