Expanding fertility tourism to Ukraine

Fertility specialist Adonis Medical Group sees potential in growing medical tourism to Ukraine.

Adonis Medical Group specialises in pregnancy and fertility treatment.  It also offers services in paediatrics, urology, and gynaecology.

In the Ukraine, the Group has two maternity hospitals and 10 clinics. Plans for 2021 include open four multidisciplinary clinics in the Kyiv region in Podil, Sofiyivska Borschahivka, Pozniaky and Bucha. Other plans include opening its own ambulance service and a ‘full-cycle’ clinic where a patient receives the full range of family services covering prenatal care, infertility, giving birth, paediatric care for the child, plus medical services to all family members.

The Group’s plans to expand by opening a reproductive clinic abroad in 2020 were halted by the pandemic.

Rival clinics that specialise in reproductive programmes, and depend very heavily on medical tourism, were also hard hit by the pandemic.  Many closed down and those that have survived are working at 20% of their capacity, due to far fewer foreign patients.

Adonis sees potential in the Ukraine by expanding into new regions, but longer term that potential is limited. Instead, medical tourism is being considered for future business development.

Ukraine has some of the lowest prices in the world for medical services, but the Group believes that medical services in the country are of good quality. To target international patients, Adonis has a large international department of 40 people, working with platforms and agencies, plus representative offices in various countries.

In the pre-pandemic time, medical tourism was 35% of the Group’s business. Domestic medical tourism in the Ukraine exists and is expanding.