Fosun launches health tourism product for Hokkaido

Shanghai based conglomerate Fosun International has launched a health tourism service, for health insurance and other customers.

The service, a six-day trip, was first made available at Japan’s travel destination Hokkaido. The trip includes accommodation, medical check-ups, dining at designated restaurants, shuttle services for specified routes and entrance tickets for some tourist attractions. Prices will change subject to different holiday seasons.

Tourists stay at Club Med Sahoro for the first two nights, and then at Sapporo, during which they will receive a complete medical check-up at the local Otaru General Hospital. Fosun owns the Club Med travel group that offers 70 global resorts.

The check-up includes blood tests and urine analysis, as well as PET-CT examinations. Shuttle services are provided for the trips to and from the hospital. An interpreter escorts the tourists during the day.

Guo Chao of Fosun; “Chinese consumers have shown strong purchasing interest in luxury cars, handbags and overseas trips. But they do not spend as much for high-end medical services as Western consumers. So Fosun has launched this service to tap the niche in China”.

The health tourism service is a standalone one for health insurance and other customers, with no links to any particular insurance product.

Fosun will introduce more health travel products in Europe, North America, and Japan in 2018 to cater to the need of 30 million Fosun customers.

Fosun International has bought overseas companies offering travel, healthcare, and luxury goods in recent years and the three latest buys are Brazilian wealth manager Guide Investimentos, French fashion house Lanvin and Austrian lingerie manufacturer Wolford. It is seeking further acquisitions in healthcare, education, fashion and travel groups or assets overseas.