Global wellness brand set to launch new centres in Saudi Arabia

VLCC, the global beauty and wellness brand, is set to launch operations in Saudi Arabia.

VLCC, the global beauty and wellness brand based in India, is set to launch operations in Saudi Arabia in a deal with Saudi-based healthcare group Cigalah.

VLCC already operates 20 wellness centres across the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait. VLCC also sells its range of skin care, hair care and body care products across the Gulf.

VLCC centres will be equipped with the latest US-FDA and European-CE standard compliant appliances and will offer the very latest in scientific weight management programmes.

Under the agreement, VLCC will launch its wellness centres in Saudi Arabia, starting with Jeddah in November. It plans to set up 6 VLCC wellness centres in the kingdom in the next 3 years, with a total investment of AED30 million.

Saudi Arabia has one of the highest prevalence rates of overweight and obesity in the world, even in children.

VLCC is widely recognized for its weight loss solutions and therapeutic approach to beauty treatment. It has among the operations within the beauty and wellness services industry in India, serving consumers across 236 locations in 122 cities and across 11 countries in South Asia, South East Asia, the GCC Region and East Africa. It operates 197 wellness centres in India and 49 in 10 other countries.

Subsidiary VLCC Personal Care sells 169 skincare, haircare, bodycare, functional foods and fortified foods products at VLCC Wellness Centres and 72,000 outlets in India.