Global Wellness Economy Monitor published

Global Wellness Institute releases Global Wellness Economy Monitor research on global wellness industry. Reports growth of 10.6%, to $3.72 trillion.

The Global Wellness Institute has released Global Wellness Economy Monitor, research on the global wellness industry.

According to the report, the worldwide wellness industry grew by 10.6%, to $3.72 trillion, from 2013-2015.

The research measures and analyses the ten markets (from fitness/mind-body to wellness tourism) within the global wellness industry. It contains a wealth of data on regional markets: from the top 20 national markets for wellness travel, spa and workplace wellness to how fast key markets will grow through 2020 to the first regional data on the emerging wellness real estate category.

China drove the biggest recent gains in wellness tourism revenues (300%+) while Sub-Saharan Africa is the fastest-growing spa market (40% spike in revenues).

A spotlight is on new data for the United States market, indicating that it is the dominant national wellness industry. In five markets: wellness tourism, the spa industry, workplace wellness, wellness real estate and thermal/mineral springs, the USA ranked top for revenue in four of five of those markets-except for thermal/mineral springs, where it ranks 18th globally.

The USA is the wellness travel powerhouse, generating 36%, or $202.2 billion, of the annual $563.2 billion global market. That is three times more wellness tourism spending than the second largest market, Germany, at $60.2 billion. U.S. wellness trips jumped from 141.4 million in 2013 to 161.2 million in 2015, and revenues grew 5.8% each year.

Global spa facilities now generate $77.6 billion annually. And the U.S. is twice as big a spa market as its next closest competitor, China.

Top 3 Spa Markets (2015)

  1. USA: 24,421 locations and $18.7 billion annual revenue.
  2. China: 12,595 locations and $7 billion annual revenue.
  3. Germany: 6,488 locations and $5.95 billion annual revenue.

The USA gained 1,569 spas from 2013-2015, while spa revenues grew 7.2% each year. It now accounts for roughly one-quarter of all global spa revenues.