Greek-American and Canadian dental tourists to Greece

The Athens Dental Tourism Cluster aims to attract Greek-American and Greek-Canadian dental tourists.

In 2016 the Athens Dental Tourism Cluster was introduced into the Greek dental community. The idea of the cluster was initiated from the Mayor of Athens who intended to increase the number of foreign patients travelling to Athens for dental treatment.

The main reason for making Athens into a dental tourism destination was based on the quality of the dental care and personnel in the Greek capital.

Every dentist working within the cluster has a minimum of a 3 year postgraduate degree in dental specialties. Additionally, certifications from either: TEMOS, Swiss Approval or JCI are necessary to fulfil all the requirements.

In October 2016, a well-known team of physicians (IVF Specialties, ophthalmologists, hospital representatives, thermal springs representatives) and Dentists visited New York under the umbrella of Dr. Patoulis-President of Athens Medical Association- Mayor of Amaroussion and President of Greek Mayors.

In March 2017 the cluster visited the Greek community in Montreal, and in April the same team visited the Greek community in Chicago.

Assistant Professor Nikolaos S.Kouvelas, Professor of Athens Dental Tourism Cluster, Founder and CEO of Eurodentica presented the benefits of Athens as a dental tourism destination for Greek Americans and Greek Canadians. The aim of the presentation was to inform them that they can combine their regular trips to Greece to visit friends and family with expert dental care for lower prices than they would receive at home.

Professor Kouvelas realized that the Greek community schools in Montreal faced financial difficulties, and to offer his assistance he proposed a 10% discount for dental treatment. President Patoulis extended his offer to IVF and ophthalmology treatments.

This agreement was signed in both Montreal and with the Greek community in New York.