Growing inbound medical travel: Qatar to Switzerland

The Qatari Businessmen Association (QBA) has said it is in talks with Swiss companies and hospitals specialising in medical tourism and medical services, looking for investment opportunities to grow the sector.

Trade between the two countries almost doubled to more than QR5 billion (US$1.37bn) in 2021 from QR2.6 billion (US$0.7bn) in 2020.

The Qatari market is becoming increasingly important to Switzerland.  It is the third largest market for Switzerland in the Middle East and North Africa.

Qatari investments in Switzerland include luxury hotels, and the country is a major tourist destination for Qataris and Gulf residents.

There is now an increasing interest by Qatari businesspeople in the health sector and health technology.

Relations with Switzerland are growing in many fields, including medical treatment, which opens prospects for further closer cooperation between the private sector in the two countries.

Geneva continues to grow as a healthcare destination for GCC tourists.

Swiss medical facilities offer high-quality care and have world-class infrastructure, drawing patients from around the world.  Hôpital de La Tour, a leading private hospital in Geneva, offers special services and amenities to Arab patients. These include employing nurses and care coordinators who speak Arabic, offering translation services, upscale private suites, limousine services, concierge services, making hotel reservations, and more.

The hospital has launched a range of health assessment HighCare packages, which extends beyond a standard check-up to include clinically proven diagnostics. Epigenetic and biomarker tests, obtained through blood tests, enable the hospital to understand the individual’s health status and identify any potential risks to which they can take preventive action. The hospital is offering three plans under the newly introduced HighCare checkups – HighCare 1, HighCare 2 and Stay@mybest Health Check – each offering specialised medical care.

The hospital looks to provide care for patients even after their check-ups are completed. It offers regular teleconsultation follow-ups and, where necessary, coordinates with their local family doctor.