Holistic wellness resort opens in Dubai

It claims to be the first wellness resort in the UAE, The Retreat Palm is the first hotel is the country to host the Rayya Wellness Centre that offers wellness packages for adults and children. It offers a range of all-inclusive retreat packages ranging from three days to two weeks, with a special focus on women. The centre offers weight management, a spa, and a recreational centre.

The resort on Palm Jumeirah also features lifestyle consultants including life coaches, NLP coaches, and health and nutrition coaches. Dr. Marilyn Grenville’s nutrition clinic has opened its first clinic in region at the resort.

The entire concept of the hotel is wellness driven, starting with construction that is Feng Shui compliant, so all corners, wherever possible, are rounded. All food and drink is organic. Restaurant kitchens use coconut and olive oils to cook. Instead of French fries, ketchup, white sugar or mayonnaise, there is avocado paste and organic tomato sauce instead. The hotel is using organic amenities and linen across its 255 rooms and suites.

Under the Accor Hotels umbrella, this property also marks the entry of the first MGallery brand in the region, which is targeted towards the solo female traveller.

The first guests mostly come from Germany, Russia the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

In due course 200 wellness related activities will be offered at the property, along with specialised detox programmes that will include packages starting with two nights, three-day retreats where guests can sign up for weight loss, yoga, fitness and more.