Insurance covers cosmetic surgery in 7 European countries

Insurance is now offered direct, online for all types of cosmetic surgery treatment in Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Spain or Switzerland.

A Liechtenstein based insurance company is offering cosmetic surgery insurance direct online for treatment in Europe. This is for domestic treatment and medical tourism. beautyprotect is available for all types of cosmetic surgery treatment in Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, or Switzerland.

In the event of complications resulting from cosmetic surgery, a patient’s normal health insurance company will expect them to pay part or even all of the costs.

The medical complications insurance covers financial compensation for costs resulting from any medically necessary procedures for all cosmetic surgery.

An optional extra pays for a further intervention if the desired surgical result was not achieved due to a complication and additional cosmetic treatment is required.

This option covers the costs of a cosmetic corrective treatment even if the customer is not satisfied with the cosmetic result of the insured intervention for subjective reasons.  Another option on implant protection covers against damage to implants caused by accidents.

The medical tourist option covers people undergoing an operation in a foreign country with protection that for treatment for a complication when back home or in any other country.

Cosmetic surgery refers to an operation performed not to treat an illness but to help the patient achieve his/her ideal of beauty. There is no medical necessity for this, so health insurance companies rarely pay for any voluntary surgery or intervention.

A complication exists if objectively diagnosed unforeseeable consequences of the intervention occur that require medical treatment beyond the treatment contract.

Complications that occur within the insured period following the operation can then be treated for a maximum of up to three years. The customer has an option of one year or three-year cover.
All treatments for complications are insured, as long as they are not treatments to fulfil the initial treatment contract or treatments resulting from a liability claim against the doctor.
beautyprotect is a brand name and product of Squarelife Lebensversicherungs AG. As an insurance company based in Liechtenstein, Squarelife can provide its products in the whole EU area as well as in Switzerland.