Insurance required for travel to and from Oman

Oman is open for tourism and health tourism, with rules on compulsory health insurance for inbound and outbound travellers. The thousands of Omanis who travel abroad for healthcare no longer need to quarantine on their return.

Oman opened borders for tourism on December 10, 2020 allowing travellers from 103 countries to enter without a visa for a period of 10 days.

Tourists travelling to Oman are now exempted from self-isolation and coronavirus testing before arriving to the country.

This is good news for Oman’s growing health tourism industry and even better news for the thousands of Omanis who travel abroad for healthcare, as they no longer need to quarantine on their return.

Based on instructions from the Ministry of Health, it has become possible to exempt tourists from quarantine and polymerase testing before travelling to Oman. However, before departing for Oman, they must register for a coronavirus polymerase test that they are required to take upon arrival at Muscat International Airport or Salalah International Airport.

For those coming through the land ports, they are required to present a medical certificate of a negative PCR result that is for a period not exceeding 72 hours before entering Oman due to lack of the required medical examinations at the land ports.

Tourists’ residency period in the country must not exceed two weeks and they must have a confirmed hotel reservation, and a return ticket.

All visitors to Oman need to buy international health insurance that covers the costs of treatment of COVID-19 disease during their stay in Oman. Insurance must cover treatment for COVID-19 for one month except for citizens, GCC nationals and passengers with free treatment cards. The one month limit is required, even if visitors are staying for 10 days or less, because if a tourist were to fall ill on the 9th or 10 th day of their trip, and require hospitalisation for COVID-19 lasting at least 14 days beyond that, they would be covered.

Omani citizens travelling overseas must have health insurance covering COVID-19 valid in the country they are travelling to.