International Assistance Group appoints Eutelmed as Accredited Service Provider globally

With expertise in training, prevention and crisis management, Eutelmed’s client base includes major global corporate entities as well as health and insurers. Apart from dealing with family issues in areas such as stress, anxiety, depression, suicide, bereavement and addictions, they have been involved with major crisis response including the recent terrorist attacks in France which involved many nationalities, as well as the deployment of 20 psychologists to a major incident in 2015 where 106 expatriates from 20 nationalities were later evacuated.

The needs of travellers and expatriates now demand a more holistic approach to wellbeing rather than merely concentrating on clinical treatment. The challenge often rests in cultural differences,” said International Assistance Group’s General Manager, Cecile Hermetz.

Sadly, we are also seeing an increase in tragic large-scale events where victims extend beyond those that require emergency medical treatment and where counselling and psychological support is very much needed,” Ms. Hermetz added.

Eutelmed’s E-Health Director, Dr. Bernard Astruc stated, “Eutelmed’s focus is to help people where there are challenges posed by language or culture. Our capabilities are tested and proven, and we are delighted that International Assistance Group has appointed us to serve their alliance of assistance Partners across the globe.”