Italy relaxes border rules for many countries

Medical tourists, health tourists and tourists from the UK, the EU/Schengen countries, and Israel can enter Italy only a negative COVID-19 test result and without having to quarantine.

However, travellers from the UK should keep in mind that Italy is currently on the UK’s Amber list, which means that they are required to stay self-isolated for ten days when they return.

Italy has reopened borders to vaccinated travellers before the EU-wide Certificate rolls out.

Italy allows travellers from the USA, Canada, and Japan to enter the country without being subject to any entry restrictions provided that they are fully vaccinated. Other countries are being added to the list.

Vaccinated tourists will face no restriction of travel within Italy as long as they have a negative test taken up to 48 hours before arrival.

The new tourism ministry has many goals for revitalising tourism but that does not include promoting health tourism or medical tourism.