Jamaica: ongoing search for medical investors

JAMPRO, the Jamaican Government’s investment agency, has said it is still seeking international collaborations to improve medical infrastructure and develop medical tourism. But if the government is not prepared to spend money to support the sector, why should international investors?

JAMPRO argues that Jamaica has an established infrastructure for tourism and qualified medical personnel,  so is well-placed to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by medical tourism.

To enable the destination to improve, JAMPRO says it needs to identify more local and international players in medical tourism who can help the country to grow its own infrastructure.

The Government has also drafted a medical tourism policy for discussion. This could contribute to creating the necessary framework for medical tourism to grow; however, it is still uncertain whether the policy will be backed by government funding.

JAMPRO admits that there is a concern about financing for industry development.

Specialist doctors need the support of nurses, laboratory workers and other specialist staff in the build out of their operations. JAMPRO has said it continues to work with local investors who are operating pre-med schools or who are in the process of formalising and building their operations.