Kuwait is tightening regulations for treatment abroad.

The Kuwait Ministry of Health has been tightening regulations for treatment abroad for the last few years. It cannot stop people seeking private paid treatment but has tightened its strict controls on state or state insurance paid treatment overseas.

The latest set of rules specifies cases in which the sending of citizens is limited to treatment abroad. Treatment in Kuwait for those diagnosed with cancer, critical cases and incurable and non-surgical surgery is difficult for adults and children, due to lack of specialists in the hospitals and centres of the ministry.

All cases must be approved by the Higher Medical Committee for treatment abroad, to determine the eligibility of the patient for external treatment or not.

The submission of the request is made by the patient in his / her hospital or where he / she is treated. The application is referred to the specialised committee.

For cases allowed to go overseas there must be a treatment plan for the patient when back in Kuwait.