Less outbound medical travel from Cyprus under new scheme

A new national health insurance scheme in Cyprus comes into effect fully in June 2020. In a healthcare restructure, all locals, residents, expats and retirees are covered under the new compulsory health insurance scheme. The Ministry of Health, which used to send people overseas for medical treatment, is no longer involved in arranging overseas care.

The Cyprus National Health Insurance System is responsible for arranging public and private healthcare and now, rather than send people overseas, it wants to attract medical tourists. GeSY (General Healthcare System, GHS) is the universal health insurance system of Cyprus and is run by the Health Insurance Organisation.

GHS contracts with local public and private healthcare companies and individuals, and only sends people to those registered with it.

Apart from what is allowed under EU Cross-Border rules for overseas treatment, GHS has no contracts with overseas countries or healthcare providers and ones arranged by the Ministry of Health with the UK and Italy are effectively defunct.