Malaysia: medical tourism must resume

The Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia (APHM) has called for medical tourism to resume as soon as possible, arguing for its economic benefits and the capacity of private facilities to handle them with Covid-19 cases on the decline.

The APHM has called for those from neighbouring countries such as Indonesia to be allowed to seek treatment in Malaysia, particularly citizens who have been fully vaccinated.

It argues that the country will see an increase in revenue from private hospitals once the process of accepting and treating medical tourists is allowed. It believes treating medical tourists within hospital premises will be safe, particularly now that the number of local patients with Covid-19 has dropped.

The association also suggests that private hospitals in Malaysia are prepared to assist in the next phase of vaccinations, involving teenagers and those requiring third doses.

In October private hospitals began seeing decreased number of admissions involving Covid-19 patients both in intensive care units and normal wards. Private hospitals are now beginning to treat their regular non-Covid-19 patients in larger numbers and managing health conditions that have been delayed because of the pandemic.