Malaysia: private hospitals look to medical travel revival

The planned full reopening of the country’s border from 1 March will allow medical tourists to return to Malaysia for their medical care which has been on a halt since early 2020, says the Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia (APHM).

The APHM has said it welcomes the National Recovery Council’s recommendation for the country’s borders to be fully opened from 1 March without the need for mandatory quarantine.

The Association has 151 member hospitals throughout the country with a majority of them treating medical tourists, particularly from neighbouring countries.

The APHM has said its hospitals will only accept fully vaccinated medical travellers, preferably with a booster dose, so that there is less risk of them falling very ill should there be a Covid-19 infection during the course of treatment. It also stated that private hospitals will strictly adhere to all standard operating procedures imposed by the health ministry on screening these tourists before accepting them for treatment.  The Association said its members would accept patients transferred from public hospitals should there be a lack of capacity in government facilities.

Malaysia’s borders will only be reopened after discussion with the health ministry, the tourism, arts and culture ministry as well as the immigration department.

The Ministry of Health says that all visitors should undergo Covid-19 tests prior to and right after arriving in the country.