Malaysia: vaccine passport will boost medical tourism

The Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia (APHM) is urging the government to establish an internationally recognised vaccine passport, linking vaccination certificates and COVID-19 test results. This recognition, they say, would allow Malaysia to boost its medical tourism and attract foreign tourists into the country.

The APHM has over 100 members throughout Malaysia, and represents private hospitals and medical centres in the country.

The Association has stated that vaccine passports are an important digital platform using robust blockchain technology to identify travellers’ information on vaccination certificates, testing results and quarantine periods observed. It recommends that the passports must be recognised globally, connecting travellers to different platforms to ease travel.

Malaysia has had discussions with China and Singapore on the recognition of Malaysia’s digital vaccination certification but this certification has to be reciprocal in ensuring authenticity for vaccinations and testing.

APHM has said it will closely work with the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council to promote medical tourism as soon as it can do so safely.

The Association is also in talks with the government to allow private hospitals to procure different vaccines, while recognising that this is likely to only begin in October (at the earliest) due to the limited supply of vaccines worldwide.