Mayo Clinic targets Chinese medical tourists

Mayo Clinic targets Chinese patients with new partnerships in China.

With the aim of attracting many more Chinese medical tourists, Mayo Clinic has a new partnership with Hong Kong based medical investment group Medisun to attract Chinese patients to the Rochester campus in the USA.

Mayo Clinic will also provide healthcare consulting services with Medisun in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Mayo Clinic has added a web page in Mandarin Chinese and has hired interpreters, to attract the increasing numbers of Chinese residents going overseas in search of treatment that is either unavailable or ineffective in China.

Mikel Prieto of Mayo Clinic says, “China is the country where we see the greatest growth. “Mayo Clinic attracted 400 Chinese in 2014 compared to 200 in 2013, 100 in 2010 and 30 in 2012.

Mayo Clinic has also entered into a joint venture with Hillhouse Capital, to take advantage of recent policy changes by Chinese regulators to encourage private investment in health care. Exact details are being worked out but the eventual aim is to build a Mayo Clinic in China.