Medical tourism certification and training launched in India

On the basis that medical tourism in India is at an all time high and will grow over the next few years, Medvarsity has launched a certification course in medical tourism. Medvarsity, in collaboration with the Apollo group of hospitals, has introduced this course to impart knowledge about medical tourism to healthcare and medical professionals in India.

The certificate course covers subjects including travel management, accommodation booking, hospital treatment and medical packaging services. Students from pharmacy, tourism, nursing and life sciences can take this course online. The course structure aims at imparting the latest knowledge and training to the students. The new course lasts for 6 months.

Medical tourism is full of challenges and professionals taking up this course can prepare themselves to take over these challenges in their jobs. The course has been divided into various modules to make sure every topic is covered in detail. Students can look forward to making their career in medical tourism.

Job opportunities in the medical tourism sector will see growth in coming years and this will be the time when professionals can put the acquired knowledge to use. The national government is encouraging medical tourism in India and also ensuring many aspects of India’s healthcare are better regulated and licenced. As yet there are no moves to seek certification for those involved in medical tourism, but as the government is introducing legislation in ancillary healthcare, and other countries require travel agents to be licenced, there would be logic in requiring all involved in Indian medical tourism to either have medical and / or specialist qualifications.

Medvarsity Online works with Apollo Hospitals to offer a range of diploma, fellowship and certificate courses for medical and healthcare professionals. India’s first Medical e-learning venture was established in April 2000.