Medical tourism guide from India

Contents of the handbook includes:

  • India is becoming a popular global health destination
  • Strategies adopted by hospitals to ensure comfort of medical tourism patients
  • India, a favourable travel destination for US medical value travellers
  • How technology is transforming the face of medical tourism
  • India’s medical tourism market is expected to grow exponentially
  • Telemedicine will improve the level of service provided to foreign patients
  • Government needs to build India’s credibility in healthcare services
  • Challenges faced by the Indian medical tourism sector, hindering its growth
  • Experts suggest measures that will give a fillip to medical tourism in India
  • Key factors that influence the choice of destination for medical travellers
  • Strategies that tier II cities can adopt to become destinations
  • Investing in online and direct channels will benefit marketing of Indian hospitals in the future
  • Medical tourism agents play a crucial role in connecting foreign patients with India
  • Kerala needs to be marketed to international audiences
  • Ayurveda can enhance India’s position as a destination for medical tourism