Medical tourism platform Junomedical launches in Berlin

Berlin-based medical tourism platform Junomedical is now operational. The website offers access to high quality medical treatments from JCI accredited facilities.

Berlin-based start up company Junomedical has launched a platform for global medical travel, connecting patients with hospitals around the world

Junomedical provides patients access to affordable medical treatments combined with a concierge approach to patient care centred around a patient’s well-being and individual healthcare needs.

Junomedical has received seed funding from Berlin-based Project A, an early-stage investor and operational venture capital fund in the digital technology space.

Sophie Chung, founder of Junomedical. “This digital platform will accelerate access to high-quality medical treatments regardless of patient’s location or level of income. Our services are free for patients. We’re putting the patient first.”

Junomedical offers services to patients globally with just 30 clinics in six countries for medical and cosmetic treatment, dental treatment, eye surgery and orthopaedic treatment. The countries: Mexico, Thailand, Poland, Hungary, India and Turkey. Most patients are from Germany, Australia, UK and USA.

Junomedical only cooperates with clinics that have Joint Commission International (JCI) or the highest national accreditation.

Whether or not it will succeed among the plethora of new global medical tourism platforms, only time will tell… but so far it offers little different from existing portals.