Morocco offers cosmetic surgery for international patients

A new cosmetic surgery clinic, M Clinic, has just opened in Marrakech, the fourth largest city in the Kingdom of Morocco.  While initially targeting a Moroccan clientele, it hopes to attract an international clientele in the next few months.

M Clinic offers non-invasive procedures such as botulinum toxin injections and invasive procedures such as cervico-facial lifting or blepharoplasty, abdominal liposuction or buttock lipofilling. It also provides reconstructive surgery with the management of malformative and sequelae integumentary pathologies such as severe burns.

Another service offered for men is hair transplants under local anaesthesia. Patients can also have dental care and physiotherapy.

The goal is to allow pre- and post-intervention care with nurses, physiotherapists or dieticians, alongside the surgeons, with constant monitoring of patients before and after the interventions.

Cosmetic surgery in Morocco is gaining more and more momentum in the country.