Myanmar: gradual opening

Myanmar plans to gradually open its borders in 2022, which will allow medical tourists to visit selected countries.

In the past as many as 150,000 outbound medical tourists went mostly to four Asian countries – Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and India. The major destination was Thailand.

Since the military coup in 2021, borders have been closed while healthcare and the economy have both deteriorated.

How many from Myanmar can afford to travel for treatment, who will be allowed out, and to where are all still unknowns.

Myanmar’s Ministry of Hotels and Tourism has rolled out plans to resume international tourism in early 2022. In the first phase of reopening, the ministry expects to welcome visitors from regional countries.  The ministry needs to make alignment with their reopening plans, travel bubbles or travel corridor schemes.

The nation’s land border crossings with Thailand will reopen in December ahead of a resumption of international air travel by the end of first quarter of 2022.The date will depend on when the country’s vaccination program reaches targets and if global infection rates drop.

The ministry is consulting with government agencies and private associations to systematically receive international visitors when airports and borders reopen.