New developments planned around Health City Cayman Islands

Local entrepreneur plans major development around Health City Cayman islands. Supermarket, bank, gas station, pharmacy, restaurant and liquor store open in 2016.

Health City Cayman Islands will benefit from major new developments around its hospital site.

Local entrepreneur Joe Imparato is building a major commercial development around Health City Cayman Islands, consisting initially of a new supermarket, bank, gas station, pharmacy, restaurant and liquor store. These will open in 2016 and longer-term plans by Imparato’s City Services include a hotel and apartments.

City Services is independent and unaffiliated with Health City but the planned development has a symbiotic relationship with the healthcare complex, which is operated jointly by India-based Narayana Health and U.S.based Ascension, and developed by local businessmen Gene Thompson and Harry Chandi.

The City Services development is targeting staff and customers at Health City clientele and staff, on the basis that although Health City has developed much slower than planned, there could be long term potential.

Health City Cayman Islands is now targeting Caribbean islands, the USA, Central and South America. The building is constructed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane, has its own water supply and can provide its own power. It can be completely self-sufficient for up to 10 days. Numbers are still very small as in 2015 it only performed a few hundred surgeries. Whether it can ever get to the planned 2,000 beds from the handful it has now, is highly debatable. The next planned development is a cancer centre.