New hospital for Dubai Healthcare City

Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA) has signed a strategic agreement to bring Asan Medical Center (AMC), the largest hospital in South Korea, to the Middle East for the first time. Asan–UAE Gastroenterology Hospital will open in Dubai Healthcare City Phase 2, in 2023. 

The agreement between DHCA, Scope Investment, a UAE private investment group, and AMC, will lead to the opening of the Asan-UAE Gastroenterology Hospital.

The joint initiative underpins DHCC’s vision for Dubai to be a leading healthcare destination by bringing in global healthcare names and talents.

A 60-bed hospital, including royal and VIP rooms, and four operating theatres, Asan–UAE Gastroenterology Hospital will provide adults and pediatric patients with gastroenterology care such as endoscopy, bariatrics, oncology related diseases, and gastronomic organ transplants. It will also provide support facilities including rehab, outpatient clinics, ICU, and one-day care unit.