New insurance and healthcare subsidiaries for DHA

The Dubai Health Authority has two new subsidiaries to manage health insurance services and public health facilities respectively.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has two new subsidiaries; Dubai Health Insurance Corporation (DHIC) and Dubai Healthcare Corporation (DHC).

DHIC is responsible for managing and overseeing health insurance services in Dubai. It will

  • seek to ensure quality health insurance for Dubai’s citizens, residents and visitors; protect the rights of policyholders
  • design health insurance packages
  • license and regulate health insurance companies, claims management companies, insurance brokers and service providers
  • be responsible for managing the Dubai Government’s health insurance programme
  • issue reports and recommendations related to health insurance and health economics

The DHC is responsible for operating and managing public health facilities in Dubai, including primary healthcare centres, specialty centres, medical fitness services centres, and public and occupational medical centres. It will:

  • be responsible for managing, operating and developing the units attached to it, either directly or through a third party
  • develop and implement strategies to enhance medical services in line with Dubai’s and the DHA’s strategic plans
  • be responsible for full integration of medical services
  • get Dubai’s medical facilities ready for international accreditation
  • conduct surveys and studies for new healthcare facilities and medical services
  • draft policies and procedures for public health management and submit them to the DHA for approval
  • be responsible for managing preventive healthcare measures
  • conduct research required to enhance the general health of the people of Dubai
  • propose prices for medical and healthcare services at medical facilities under its management
  • buy medicines and medical resources for its medical facilities
  • provide preventive medical and medical fitness services
  • manage, operate and develop any other medical facilities assigned to it by the Dubai government