New medical tourism hospital for Fiji?

A hospital group is seeking to develop medical tourism in Fiji and offer health care facilities for Fijians too. Sahyadri Specialty Pacific Hospitals investing $300 to $400 million.

A hospital group is seeking to develop medical tourism in Fiji and offer health care facilities for Fijians too.

Sahyadri Specialty Pacific Hospitals seeks to invest $300 to $400 million. Building the physical structure is simple, but the investment cannot proceed until other problems are solved.

Medical tourism is possible but there is a need for specialist medical staff and back-up medical facilities that the country does not have.

The company argues that the private sector alone would fail, as it needs political and logistical and monetary support from local politicians and government bodies.

In Fiji, medical tourism needs to be developed considering all factors including the purchasing power of people, education, culture, and geographical situation.

The hospital wants to offer open-heart surgery, neurosurgery, advanced orthopaedic, and other specialist surgery to Fijians- but only if the government is prepared to pay for treatment.

SSPHL Fiji will only proceed with the plan if it done as a joint venture agreement with the Ministry of Health.

For the past few years, the company has been bringing in specialists from India to conduct open-heart surgeries on adult patients in Fiji and have also done some joint replacement surgeries. The company has also been bringing in specialists to do free screening of patients for orthopaedic cases and oncology.

For a medical tourism hospital to succeed it will need trained local doctors, nurses, support and administrative staff.