New motto promotes Zagreb’s medical tourism

The Zagreb Tourist Board seeks to develop health and medical tourism in Croatia’s capital.

“Zagreb – The Centre of Medical Excellence” is the new motto of the Zagreb Tourist Board, as it seeks to develop Zagreb health and medical tourism.

The tourist board recently commissioned a feasibility study for the development of health tourism in Zagreb and its surroundings. The released study resulted in a health/medical tourism brochure and a new website promoting health/medical tourism.

Zagreb City Tourist Board argues that health/medical tourism needs to be more seriously strategically developed. Zagreb has many private medical clinics that need administrative and government support. Most medical and health tourism travellers to Zagreb are from Slovenia, Italy and Germany; and seek low priced dental treatment, eye surgery and cosmetic surgery.

According to Total Croatia News the Croatian Minister for Tourism is targeting more than US$1.4bn per year from the country’s health tourism in the future, more than double the amount today of US$500 million. The ministry has not offered any reliable source for either the figure or the target.

In a separate announcement, the Bagatin Clinic group has opened in Split at a new location in the Dioklecijan Hotel, within the Split House of Health, offering dentistry and cosmetic treatment. Bagatin Clinic is one of the top clinics in Zagreb and a key promoter of medical tourism in Croatia.

For a more detailed analysis of the medical travel sector in Croatia, visit the IMTJ Country Profile.