New portal claims to be first for medical evidence for spa and wellness therapies

The new claims to be the world’s first portal for medical evidence for spa and wellness therapies. It is an online resource dedicated to the medical evidence that exists for spa and wellness therapies. With thousands of clinical studies evaluating the effectiveness of approaches like hydrotherapy, massage or meditation, SpaEvidence makes it easy and free for people and medical, wellness and spa professionals to research what has been proven to work, what is not and for what conditions.

Professor Kenneth R. Pelletier of the University of Arizona says, “People assume that the clinical evidence always sides with conventional Western medicine, but the gold standard for medical research, the Cochrane Reviews, indicates that only 30%-35% of conventional medicine is adequately evidence-based. Increasingly more doctors agree that one of the largest bodies of medical evidence is the one demonstrating that lifestyle changes, mind-body approaches and stress-reduction have the largest impact, on the largest number of health conditions, for the largest number of people. This site is a breakthrough because the evidence already exists, but until now it has not been easily accessible.”

Dr. Daniel Friedland of SuperSmart Health adds, “The crippling costs of many traditional healthcare systems, which narrowly focus on sickness, pills and procedures – rather than prevention and lifestyle changes have become unsustainable for many people, governments and corporations. Hundreds of millions of people are now embracing smarter, prevention-focused, more integrative and personalized health approaches. But they demand the facts.”

SpaEvidence’s key features:
• Research: Users can search four of the most authoritative evidence-based medicine databases for studies on 21 spa and wellness approaches: Natural Standard, The Cochrane Library, PubMed and TRIP.
• Spotlight: Highlights select medical studies for each therapy as a springboard to further research.
• Studies-in-Progress: Visitors can investigate the clinical trials underway globally.
• Conversations and contributions: Users can contribute studies and their own experiences/outcomes with spa/wellness approaches.

The portal’s functionality will continue to expand, and additional spa and wellness approaches will be added regularly.

Susie Ellis of The Global Spa Summit says, “Our industries have long been accused of soft, anecdotal claims, when what was really missing was a resource to access the clinical research that supports so much of what we do. Some of the medical evidence for spa and wellness approaches is powerful, some is inconclusive, some is negative and far more studies need to be undertaken. But embracing transparency is the path to true legitimacy and industry growth, and I hope every spa and wellness center worldwide will use this portal, link to it and spread the word.”