New Zealand opens borders in May

View of Auckland city skyline, Skytower, and motorway with car trails at sunrise.

New Zealand is opening the borders earlier than planned. Its international borders are fully reopening from 1 May to vaccinated travellers from visa waiver countries.

Fully vaccinated travellers from these countries can travel to New Zealand without needing to isolate on arrival as long as they present a negative pre-departure test. Negative Rapid Antigen Tests will be required on arrival and again on day 5/6.

Visa waiver countries include the UK, as well as the USA, Japan, Germany, Korea and Singapore.

On 12 April, Australians will be able to travel to New Zealand isolation-free, and then two and a half weeks later, vaccinated travellers from visa-waiver countries will be admitted.

A few hundred overseas patients are treated in New Zealand, most from the Pacific Islands.

New Zealand has limited medical facilities so it is common for locals to go to Australia for some treatment. For cosmetic surgery locals go overseas both to save money and get treatment not available in the country. The most common procedures for New Zealanders travelling to Australia or Asia are dentistry, heart surgery, hip and knee replacements, weight loss treatment, cancer treatment and cosmetic surgery.