New Zealand: staged reopening

New Zealand passport in selective focus effect held with background flag of country

New Zealand, one of the most restricted countries over the last two years has reopened borders. The reopening strategy’s stages in the next three months aim to boost economic growth and jobs across the country.  Vaccinated New Zealanders from Australia are allowed entrance, while international tourists will be able to travel in starting March 13.

A phased approach to reopening reduces the risk of a surge of cases, while prioritising the return of New Zealanders and much needed entry of skilled workers.

  • Step 1 began on February 27 and welcomes New Zealanders and eligible tourists from Australia.
  • Step 2 on March 13, with borders opened for international travel, including workers, under specific Covid-19 vaccination regulations.
  • April 12 marks the date when temporary visa travellers, such as students and special working categories, will be allowed to enter New Zealand.
  • In July, the Accredited Employer Work Visa programme will also reopen.

A few hundred overseas patients are treated in New Zealand, most from the Pacific Islands.  Some locals go to Australia for specialist treatment not available in their own country.

For cosmetic surgery, locals go overseas both to save money and get treatment not available locally. The most common procedures for New Zealanders travelling to Australia or Asia are dentistry, heart surgery, hip and knee replacements, weight loss treatment, cancer treatment and cosmetic surgery.