Nigeria improves cancer care

A new Advanced Diagnostics Centre in Nigeria’s Sokoto state will cater to patients from Nigeria and from the Republics of Benin and Niger.

The new Centre was constructed at the cost of N826 billion (US$2 billion). It will offer a variety of services, including medical investigations, radiological investigations, and laboratory investigations.

The centre also has capacity for MRI, CT scan, fluoroscopy, digital x-ray, mammography, chemical pathology, histopathology, microbiology, and haematology.  It also has provision for ECG, echocardiography, and vascular doppler, gastrology, endoscopy, neurology and EEG.

The centre has said it will help stop the lengthy trips patients make to foreign countries for medical diagnosis, including India, UK, USA, Saudi Arabia and Germany.

The centre will be managed by Healthfield Medical Services through a public-private partnership model.

A space for a helipad, where air ambulances can land in emergency cases, has been added to the project. A teaching hospital is also under construction. It will have a 1,200-bed capacity with VIP and VVIP lodges.