Oman closed again to inbound travel

Apart from citizens and inbound residents, Oman has closed its borders again following an increase in Covid-19 cases.  Longer term, the volume of outbound medical travellers from the country is expected to be much lower.

Oman had reopened for tourism and health tourism, but only for those with a minimum stay of 8 days. This is now banned.

The Supreme Committee continues to advise all citizens and residents in Oman to avoid travelling abroad, except in cases of extreme necessity.

Land borders remain closed, there is a curfew, a movement ban for a month, and all commercial activities have been closed.

In a normal year 90,000 Omanis travel abroad for medical treatment in India, Iran, Malaysia, Thailand and Europe. In 2021 this has been reduced to a small number of emergency cases.

With the new compulsory health insurance, a ban on almost all state paid foreign healthcare, and many hospitals being built, outbound numbers are in future expected to be much lower.

Oman’s Health Vision 2050 aims to support the government’s goal of providing an equitable and responsive healthcare system. Several international hospitals are being built, not only to discourage outbound medical tourism but also to attract inbound medical tourism.