Plans for a leading international medical centre for 2021

West China Hospital of Sichuan University will build a new hospital in Chengdu, Sichuan, for Rmb4bn (US$568.4m). The Chengdu Management Committee of Tianfu New Area said that it expected the hospital to become a domestic leading and international first-class medical centre after completion in 2021.

Li Weimin, president of West China Hospital, said that the joint effort of the two sides to build West China Tianfu Hospital is an important move to implement the Healthy China strategy and a specific measure to implement medical reform.

The Chengdu Management Committee of Tianfu New Area will be in charge of the investment and construction, supervision and examination, as well as institution setting of the new hospital, while West China Hospital will fully participate in the design and construction of the hospital, and be responsible for the management and operation of its medical business.

The hospital will be located in the core area of Tianfu New Area. It will be equipped with 1,200 beds, 2,000 parking spaces, 14 medical centres, 68 operating rooms, and a helipad on the roof.